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sending92828: @sisters51110 Muditā shows us truth while inspiring connectedness. #university
lauderdale89: @authority936 When the parterre broke out in applauding cries the 5th time, the Police Commissioner yelled, ‘Silence!'5 #cleanliving
member841623: @videos246344 You don't need to dive straight into the other person's biggest fears and childhood traumas.
jennifer3674: But they are not evil either.
mexico750669: @par891873132 Your arm should respond with the appropriate swaying motions. #mindboggling
boundary3352: @grimhawk3298 It is used to catalog thoughts and emotions to better find a way to address destructive and self-destructive behaviors.
minor3412485: @feeding91727 Gradually, I began to feel compassion for all I had put myself through. #thatslife
plymouth6533: The only Friday the 13th of 1999 occurs in this summer month the Romans called Sextilis #quickquiz
flip84254646: Hey dude! How are things in Lancashire? #lancashire
chelsea61802: @san386204033 It was a hollow, haunting feeling. #meetup
tapes4475611: @introduction If something will not be resolved, you need to be able to give up and walk away.
operated4525: @titled148609 Observe the reason for your distress, uncovering why you feel the way you do. #thatslife
settings8486: Hey buddy! How’s life in Faversham? #faversham
saved8701850: @wonderful179 What's challenging is when we want or need to build relationships with people from different walks of life.
kajder665749: Hey girl! What's going on in Faversham? #faversham
kb9294980130: Hi everyone. What’s shaking?
poll47786077: @increasingly [providing hope] Fortunately, cognitive behavior therapy is very effective in helping people overcome depression. #university
astrology413: Will you be able to take time for yourself, set boundaries, and say no if you don't own that you are selfish?
alumni920550: Hi. How’s your day?
creations262: Ciao! Anyone from Faversham on this social network? #faversham
recipients18: @impressive76 But first, let’s return to the brain model we discussed earlier.
grave8238167: Hiya. Good to see you all.
toronto71792: Cire perdue or lost wax, a process of casting figures, was developed during this age #quickquiz
panama927606: @searchcom558 Changes in the functioning of microbiota may lead to alterations in fat storage and energy balance; general low-grade inflammation (GI and systemic);... #raiseyourvibration
carrier84547: @surrounded35 Sally, we also talked earlier in the session about adding to your goal list this week. #wisdom
une373968918: @gap161351866 By that point, he's on board. #university
saudi5331225: @indiana17928 Multicultural counselors stress the need for culturally responsive counseling and therapy, the need for more prevention work on the part of professio... #mindfulliving
quick4580860: What’s up buttercup? How’s life in Southampton? #southampton
starring2030: @beautiful547 Women who are incredibly powerful often develop speech patterns that are considered more traditionally male, such as speaking slower and pausing more...
ongerup28368: Sup? Anyone else here from Dyfed? #dyfed
drain1708372: @holding68588 Rаthеr thаn juѕt thе оnе реrѕоn performing thе trеаtmеnt аѕ уоu mау bе ассuѕtоmеd tо wіth nоrmаl сhіrорrасtіс...
paul27085197: @susmilch2022 Only listening and showing interest by asking questions isn't enough. #healthy
imposed11234: @th8000749106 You are not to be a Buddha or anybody else.
violations52: Ciao! What's up in Buckinghamshire? #buckinghamshire
boston183632: Spewing anger at the narcissist is useless.
significance: @strain295741 Close the doors, put pillows around the room. #facebook
teacher56314: One critical comment from someone can ruin their entire day.
shortcuts384: @suites263115 Any dog owner understands that you must behave in a kind and safe way so as not to set off alarm bells in the dog.
uruguay55205: Hi there. It’s been a while.
anthropology: Ahoy social media mates! It’s been a while!
according642: Trait mindfulness refers to one's disposition toward mindful attending.
upskirts6889: @deck72582674 The moment
media4063032: @ministers179 They say that mental work is more difficult than physical activity. #fitness
joaquin71125: @giant2733047 And there have been other times, too, when she's been pretty busy.
dampier54010: @pros71037404 You'll wind up eating the entire bag, just like last time.
welfare61921: @four21144974 If researchers and clinicians can find and understand links between how people behave and what’s going on in the brain, we can find ways to accurat...
ranging38926: @qualified355 We then ask them to ideate for four minutes on that stuck problem with two other students, who will help them apply any one of the five mind-sets as ...
master576225: @hughes527420 Once it's out of sight, chances are, you won't even need it.
portage57259: Howdy! How’s everyone doing?
inner8557713: @managers5813 I need to get to the gym more often and do cardio exercises. #motivation
popper611292: @with41645999 The soul longs to die of this beautiful wound. #motivation
tongue332369: @fm4608911216 Having that mechanism of action to point to can really strengthen some observational research. #mind
licenses8901: Hiya. Well, look at you.
options25968: @ne4431472762 That is not to say that I have always abided by my advice, but there is something about having a parenting mantra that makes the whole mum thing less... #energyhealing
shoot1441610: @irc875510055 You can face death and still choose life.
vat230894860: Microsoft: They don't own the state... yet #quickquiz
palace757320: @goode2243121 Instead, I gave an answer that told others more about me.
losing385549: Hey y’all! Are you all OK?
google433454: Sanguinary term for a diamond sold to finance military operations #quickquiz
licola399709: She keeps checking the time, dreading the arrival of her guests.
nudist377740: @blues4511756 Sometimes a drastic measure felt comforting to have in her toolbox, since her urges could feel very powerful. #energyhealing
gained741043: @mean96153933 Making others aware can avoid unhappy encounters that cause heartache. #energy
noble6317517: @hero43624817 Seems I'm still defeatist and sabotaging myself.
operational8: @sounds990285 Slide your hand up the wall. #energyhealing
secrets61965: @securities81 If they say, Oh no, that's not what I meant at all! just say, Oh, good. #mindfulness
dying5252868: @beads7086877 That is because unwanted intrusive thoughts pretty much always return at some point, and we want you to expect them and greet them as a chance to pra...
offers130145: @satisfied940 It often begins in one's late teens and early twenties, with the potential to derail the trajectory of a life, especially if the first episode is fol... #meditation
words6153193: @lauretta2881 She did not know how to drop the resistance or face the circumstances, and the mental strain in which she held herself day and night, waking or sleep... #justbreathe
manual507013: Wine-tasting term for the final impression left on the palate -- it's supposed to be long #quickquiz
baltimore994: What’s up buttercup? Good to see you!
marks8545664: Ahoy! Good to see you all.
equilibrium6: @batteries227 Her counter-argument was that Ross didn't have a romantic or spontaneous bone in his body. #howto
mounts763953: In 1939 this state finally finished paying off a $12.4-million debt to the state from which it had separated #quickquiz
exists348458: @publishing18 It continues to work all day every day. #style
FALSE4235590: @thee95879696 Furthermore, making excuses for deciding to deviate from a clearly defined cause may just be an indication that a person made a misinformed decision,...
convert41461: @media4063032 It was dead. #mindful
member841623: @games8438545 And she just had this attitude like, So, are you going to hold your baby some more? Lesley recollected. #justbreathe
okay29317249: Hey dude! Long time no see.
memories3830: @flying854009 Imagine you can bring your father's higher self out in front of you and that you, your father and your angel can travel back in time to a source even...
overhead3136: @muhlbauer205 Now the three of you can float back toward your room, and as you do, your angel continues to send healing and light to everyone in the family from th...
specified451: Yo! How's tricks in Middlesex today? #middlesex
texts9161368: Hello. Anyone from Broxburn on this social network? #broxburn
signature303: @opened595659 Trying to remember might even get you into a little bit of a contracted state, as though you are trying to squeeze that answer out of your brain. #lifestyle
department91: Hi. Good to see you all.
majority8806: @swimming9645 If you are the sort of mum I am, you haven't got it all together and your days routinely seesaw between what you need to do and what your child needs...
trees5789640: @cable4487092 The two raters did not always agree. #affirmations
undertake780: @comment20494 I get good at finding situations that ask for my strengths.
medications3: @pvc877195095 This is an extreme take what is deemed ‘fair' in life. #liveinspired
beans4899305: @paradise3690 We live in a culture of instant gratification, and some people don't find meditation stimulating enough. #facebook
christine812: Now then. Nice to see you all.
operators661: No matter what problem pops up in the path of your life, from rescuing a drowning bee, to piloting a flaming escape-pod that you somehow ended up res...
propose95873: How do you do? How are things in Broxburn? #broxburn
cloth3751776: @giants932689 This is about you accepting the way you look, your height and weight and features.
spring530209: Yo! How have you all been?
advantage838: @fur761605803 And though I felt guilty about causing this separation anxiety, banishing Baron was a gesture that I badly needed in order to feel supported in the b...
qld419013005: @borders14670 Normally, with ten minutes to go before an appointment and feeling slightly stressed, I'd jump on the first bus that came and hope for the best, bank...
peripheral16: @library52383 What's in the way of your letting this go? #lifestyle
amber1722546: @mentor818375 Alicia believes that the ability to confront profound injustice in the United States requires unflinching language. #valour
scale1751524: @headset50800 Beyond that, you should realize that we spend our days trying to suppress emotions, especially negative emotions. #healthyliving
off501178837: This explorer's brother Thorvald was killed while on an expedition in Vinland #quickquiz

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