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plot78324517: @featuring455 And, yes, in some circles those are considered values or virtues.
flag18147523: @river9194208 This may be something that is more difficult to do, depending upon the intensity of your depression.
handled66032: @cd8354900127 Give me excess of it.' I had it wrong all those years. #mindful
discussion33: It's either a credit card company or an endorsement on a passport allowing entry #quickquiz
luxembourg17: Ciao! It’s been a while!
cislunar2205: @tent69837837 A group would also be able to ask for expert help from others in the Network. #cleanliving
convert41461: @loving684727 However, normally, whenever you are entrusted with a particular task, take it as your responsibility, and be careful not to pass it on to another per...
rock39471728: @et2006786609 Why did I need to experience a situation fraught with so many trust issues? #open
prices818718: It has an average surface temperature of 5,600 kelvin #quickquiz
filme6486953: G’day mate! How's tricks in Falmouth today? #falmouth
wellington97: @medicaid6423 Their bеhаvіоr, аttіtudе, асtіоnѕ аnd deeds аrе іntеrwоvеn.
liberal10580: What’s up buttercup? Doing OK?
rivulet86997: @bulgaria8771 Whenever you move, your muscles are stimulated to grow because they are fighting the downward force of gravity.
msie26493895: @survive49311 I was mad at my friend for making me feel this way.
brooke167138: @purrawunda55 He told Michelle he didn't understand how excluding men advanced gender equality. #health
band78512090: @oriented2438 Yet developmentally, the frequency with which acting out in youth is followed by reaction formation in midlife highlights the kinship of these seemin... #selflove
lane95714355: @foo625067166 Why does breathing help me? #balance
dickinson195: It operates the Skymiles program #quickquiz
color6984881: Deal with it and get over it is probably one of the worst things to say to someone who is struggling with stress, depression, or anxiety.
formatting46: @editions6954 The explanation for this seems to come down to certain chemicals called growth factors that are released by the body during exercise. #fitness
centers39067: @briefs529549 Maybe it was your body lifting weights after getting bullied as a kid. #open
emerald88595: @bother977509 There is no right or wrong here. #higherself
gui209801943: G’day mate! How’s your day going?
exactly25316: @cameras83040 Research has shown that people worry about a lot of things in a day, and the majority of them never occur. #thatslife
virgin896899: @group8829768 Then when you feel stressed, you can cue your muscles to relax, which will have the effect of dissolving your stress.
portuguese65: @lauderdale89 Honor yourself and others by being honest. #girl
fashion48726: @walker820941 If you've made giant strides already and think you know everything about endo, please keep reading.
ivanhoe48311: I'll have to stay here.
recognised44: @rule82744748 Each person is his own ideal.
airlines3331: @reproduced27 I'll be trying this when I get home to the United Kingdom. #family
greg40820785: Hey bro! How are things in Falmouth? #falmouth
bangbus84500: @demonstratio Unless you re used to working on this and can lower your defenses and open up to this kind of stuff, you'll become reactive.
pmc204157095: @range4247570 At first sight, nice guys seem nice because they put a lot of effort into keeping the interaction positive. #art
chick3833723: @civic3645573 The foundation of all that you previously thought to be true about yourself, or your group, is shaken to its very core. #health
chat80877773: @gentleman640 After working in the weight loss world for over a decade, I have seen it all.
nintendo6765: @davidson2018 As we’ve seen, it’s not necessarily the severity of the event itself but our response to it that determines the imprint it makes. #spiritualawakening
containers42: Hello. How are things in Broxburn? #broxburn
inspiration4: @kids39818539 They were locked into a model, based on punitive rules and narrow beliefs, that I couldn't bear to exist in anymore. #moan
programmes17: @noble6317517 Over time, this image becomes so embedded in your psyche that you start taking the image to be your body. #greenlifestyle
maestri26247: @gabriel24369 First there is the empty shell, then there are the pieces we learn to fill the emptiness with. #connect
messages7062: @closing81344 On the other hand, we'd expect you to believe it almost completely when you are depressed, even if there's evidence to the contrary.
entering4336: Defensive lineman Mean Joe Greene #quickquiz
married48270: Hi everyone. What's happening?
ati101715932: Sup? How’s everyone doing?
accordance26: @names4117849 Many of us tend to panic at night as we're trying to go to sleep, because our brains are exhausted from chaotic thinking patterns during the day.
recommend372: Hiya! How’s your day going?
clouds441788: Hey buddy! You alright?
eugowra29663: Hiya. Anyone from Renfrewshire on #renfrewshire
descending19: @brooke167138 It also has advice on how to cope with overwhelming worry or anxiety and make you steady. #nourishyourself
dee155655545: @hebrew314295 Projects include efforts to supply solar water heaters, rapid transit systems, wind power, or clean cookstoves.
hodges167016: You may have a visual image of her, or she may appear as a light, but either way, know this is the woman who gave birth to you.
cm4411186006: @belly3664774 Living and acting from the belief that we all share common origins and a need for love, nourishment, and shelter. #selfcare
router528322: @collected715 I hadn't had this dish with added dairy before, so it wasn't something I thought to ask, but now I always do.
guarantee511: It served as Australia's capital from 1901 to 1927 #quickquiz
understood24: In 1777, after defeat at Germantown, Washington led his troops to this winter camp; had a rough stay #quickquiz
circus557845: Hey bro! What's going on in West Sussex? #westsussex
multnomah362: Hey! What's the craic?
museum392790: A 1929 song says, Ain't doin' this, I'm savin' my love for you #quickquiz
syndication6: @surface61232 Neither awareness of the conflict-laden affect nor the guilty ideation that accompanies it is conscious. #mindfulliving
elliott22351: @situated7853 We can't change how things were, no matter how much we may want to. #bhfyp
farms2271255: What’s up buttercup? Everything OK?
salmon727640: Hey man! How’s life?
engage938813: With more than 25 per cent of Australian workers now having casual jobs or short-term contracts rather than more traditional open-ended employment, t...
cabinets2119: @properties10 Preferably, put it where others won’t see it to better preserve the specialness of this image and give it more power.To reinforce these prosperity ...
shark5411560: This hero of several books is 11 when he discovers he's a wizard #quickquiz
commentary76: @lilydale9915 They will have to do something. #raiseyourvibrations
waves8209834: It is not an answer to an unanswerable question or an empty promise.
settle446666: @providence58 In the case of the potential infection caused by an intruding splinter, white corpuscles are lifesaving, adaptive, and an intrinsic part of the heali... #lifestyle
azerbaijan79: @big836267357 It should ѕеrvе аѕ a ѕtаrtіng роіnt for dіѕсuѕѕіоnѕ. #healthy
surgery23608: @luzerne95594 There are demands which one individual makes upon another.
separately65: Hey! What’s shaking?
hamilton2606: @scott5271827 In another case, you may intentionally test the modifiability of a core belief even before you have done much work at the automatic thought and inter... #cleanliving
cylinder9935: For a while the city of Kharkiv, founded as a Cossack outpost, replaced Kiev as capital of this republic #quickquiz
stamps963785: @popa79776115 If you don't feel like you can talk to your doctor, ask around for suggestions on a more empathetic one. #mindfulness
chaos1453794: @lessons75409 Duncan was offering to share joint custody, but she was so angry with him because he had broken up with her after several years due to her growing in... #connection
dona66695824: @richmond6534 The agency operates a rapid-response-to-gun-violence service to the county.
aircraft2409: A hit in 1997 with new lyrics, it was originally on Elton John's 1973 album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road #quickquiz
baltimore994: Hуросrіѕу іѕ an incredible ѕtаtе оf соnѕсіоuѕnеѕѕ.
cheers657372: @trademarks74 It wasn't a mistake that I discovered in hindsight.
champagne220: Mumm's the word & Taittinger is too when visiting the cellars of this famous French province #quickquiz
offering7999: Hiya. Anyone else here from Lincolnshire? #lincolnshire
checks223780: @repairs55221 I was just sad.
marine293083: Howdy! What's up in Lincolnshire? #lincolnshire
reputation38: The mightiest of the Greeks' A-Team at the siege of Troy #quickquiz
illness72931: @baths2206372 An anxious person may believe that they may get hit by a car crossing the street, or a depressed person may believe that they have no future at all. ...
tumor7474376: @tone18087280 But nоthіng саn gо wrоng whеn оnе іmіtаtеѕ bесаuѕе іmіtаtіоn іѕ аlѕо a рrосеѕѕ of lеаrnіng. #balance
compact90982: @biographies1 I completed my dissertation and graduated in the minimum number of years my doctoral program required (five years postcollege; we have longer minimum... #positivevibes
herbs3779206: @gba828841008 Would he judge someone of Native ancestry more harshly when her character was called into question?
end689110677: @turner985664 Completely inexplicable.
folders21677: @lc5629355471 It could be as complicated as training for a marathon or learning how to dance. #mindset
excited99060: Located in Brunswick, it's Maine's oldest institution of higher learning #quickquiz
menu26391885: @andy18611482 If you can't laugh, focus on the good.
floating4741: @exciting1917 Women should stick to the one drink or less per day. #open
totals421855: @golden834003 Although I didn't know her well, what I did know is that she was a broken, desperate woman hungry for a better life. #howto
killean77981: @vacancies320 It can feel like something so big it's impossible. #selflove
celebs441415: @une373968918 When this happens repeatedly, your brain becomes conditioned to react anxiously and automatically to that thought. #transformation
microwave928: Meaning loud-voiced, this adjective derives from the name of a Greek herald mentioned in The Iliad #quickquiz
loading40366: @proudly54875 But I had no idea I was beginning a multiyear process to learn about health, fitness, and how to have maximum energy.
considerable: @bangladesh22 I couldn't help but wonder if this timing was a test from the universe to see if all my new health habits would hold their ground as so many emotional... #positivevibes
brisbane5520: Thus, the choice of a ‘harder' life, or a lot of lessons, is a much deeper consideration than what may be deemed easy or hard.

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