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nicholls1484: @rw5510134294 Although he agreed that 'it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard for...
heavy2605010: Term for an item, like paper towels, consisting of a double layer #quickquiz
clone2868670: The Jed Foundation offers dedicated information to fraternities and sororities, allowing students to benefit directly from their resources and utiliz...
kinney397586: @republicans6 She told Laura that she would be foolish to give up such a wonderful husband and lifestyle, and if she wanted to save her marriage for her children's...
jeremy270006: @tuccio140909 They put us all on Ritalin. #meditation
nathan646628: Wazzup? What's up in Kent? #kent
feelings6789: Hi everyone. What's up in Middlesex? #middlesex
consistently: @hancock49518 Knowing the interrelatedness of breath and body increases our sensitivity to our organism, to what helps it function with greater ease, to conditions... #mindfulness
barriers6069: Hiya. Anyone else here from Eastbourne? #eastbourne
tied26633029: Hi. How are you all holding up?
yields410015: @assess169246 Second, by definition mature defenses are less common among the young.
saved8701850: And yet, the calendar has a way of returning to normal in a parallel time.
acknowledge3: @crown5445272 Today, though, she was just grateful to have made it through the day, so far, without a blowup. #mindbodysoul
rap957811016: @assure609593 How do I know this treatment works for most people? #valour
promise80051: @presidential Mindful observation allowed her to realize that she was particularly vulnerable to those thoughts whenever a moment of quiet or boredom arose. #mindbodysoul
sample867854: Just because you are no longer keeping a check of calories with every meal doesn't give you the right to become a couch potato and give up exercising.
gerald206037: @symbol203452 List the things you can do here in the city that you can't elsewhere.
getting29033: @cullullerain Give your mind and body a break from the ongoing emergency we call life. #health
bortignon245: Whazzup? How’s your day?
fare76078329: This toxic buildup occurs as a result of ingesting harmful chemicals in our food, inhaling cigarette smoke and other pollutants, drinking beverages t...
congo3907792: Whazzup? I'm from Eastbourne. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #eastbourne
melrose88182: @relationship What new information did you learn about your father?
stainless151: @lilydale9915 Of course, this is our emotional brain, trying to take shortcuts.
okay29317249: @bill48105554 I would gander that before harnessing electricity, when we went to bed at sunset, calm was abundantly possible to find and even problematic. #wellnessjourney
guests662914: @organic69018 I can make it work for me. #organiclifestyle
bench2891485: @globe2958909 You will also have exclusive access to my guided meditations, and I promise to use my least annoying voice when we do them. #healthyliving
hiv628133182: It's the row in Charleston, South Carolina in which Porgy & Bess is set #quickquiz
arrested9764: Hey man! How's tricks?
rx8013431585: @pieces401813 This happens in the following way. #connect
announces399: @vodka7884982 Most people think conflict equates to violence or a battle of some kind. #holistic
dm9333771520: @boutique8231 Ten is when you are in the trunk, feeling enraged or barely able to hold it together.
pest49881569: @prudhomme501 She gave birth to me about nine years after Santo Tomas while she was again interned, although this time in a mental hospital. #spiritual
assurance754: Grudges do nothing but invite in stress, unhappiness, and anxiety into your life.
ex1638040614: @adaptive6472 Women don't consider themselves as human beings at all. #holistichealth
lists1239946: Courtyards with plants including trees which rise through multiple levels of the hospital, balconies with scented plants, and water features all crea...
enhancements: @sally9716764 Notice any difference between offering lovingkindness to a loved one and offering it to yourself.
meaningful25: Plan to work on developing your most important quality first.
kenneth55334: I'd allow my toe to adjust to the cold, then put in a foot, an ankle, a calf...
calm99737205: Yo! I'm from Worcestershire. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #worcestershire
layers911805: @corps8786685 Unnecessary medical jargon is a real problem when it comes to health literacy.
surgery23608: Now then. What's up?
walter149838: @koury4131423 It was the main game in town, and as I began browsing the small corner devoted to produce, I couldn't help feeling a little bratty and homesick.
fed551318261: @caramel17263 Think about how you can improve the situation and move forward. #body
develops9771: @moderators49 I was trying to fill that pain with alcohol and drugs, but now I see how that doesn t serve me at all. #health
dicks8476579: @bradford1949 This time read the words slowly and really try to absorb the wisdom in them. #happy
describe5094: At an altitude of about 10,200 feet, this Colorado city is the highest incorporated city in the USA #quickquiz
farming73634: @pierre591161 It's a very big affair and all the finest and rarest dog breeds are there with their proud owners.
mentioned674: Hey! Anyone else here from Treharris? #treharris
sublimedirec: @tomato215720 I did my preparation.
twins5324944: least temporarily; in 1955 this Cuban went into exile in Mexico but forces led by him returned in Dec. 1956 #quickquiz
side74813051: Hey dude! What's going on?
samba4025353: This French tennis star of the 1920s who went on to start a clothing line was known as the Crocodile #quickquiz
spanking4153: @laramie82834 In this great struggle, we see Democracy ranged against Autocracy, Right against Might, True Patriotism against False Patriotism. #wisdom
liberty80090: @trends610263 Many people feel lonely and feel like they are not able to find someone interested in dating them.
halloween377: @skirts433198 A team of researchers took 120 students on a trip into the mountains. #holistichealing
expo93740728: Hey man! I'm from Dumfriesshire. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #dumfriesshire
hudson709652: @phillips7690 If they do not fear negative emotion, the following type of discussion can be useful.
marks8545664: @italian92085 Whatever success means to you, imagine what it will look and feel like.
nov328797799: @mr9961678508 If that means sharing a problem with a trusted source who can help them achieve success, they will do so!
hardcore7627: Building authentic relationships requires the individual to purposefully seek out diverse relationships.
traditions87: @thou44701983 And now Francine, sturdy with her righteous anger, attempts to fight back declaring, I've been a good wife. #affirmations
shop66065960: @travel942432 If there is an event or a conference that brings different companies together, send a team, or even a single member to represent you.
basic4057214: @alissa712601 They then checked public death records to see who had died and what they found was quite startling.
yield8708199: @ng8048657359 Many people who are well-practiced at self-hypnosis are able to transcend in unlikely places, such as on an airplane or in a busy waiting room. #body
delight52244: @figures51379 I can only express my opinion briefly in [that] Demosthenes himself, with the facts before him, could not have written or thundered a better.18
tcp480160849: Sup? How’s everyone doing?
accredited91: A plan you have, just in case #quickquiz
annoying1746: @du7522340705 The problem is, a case report is a case report for a reason. #nature
sale10695297: Long work hours, low pay, and insecure working conditions have been found to greatly increase the likelihood that parents will be inconsistent, harsh...
salon7772650: Booze doesn't do that – it's a stimulant.
collectors49: @operators661 And you are showing the ways you and your family have interacted with the sweeping identity categories that we inherit from history and continue to pa... #motivation
ford68055511: Hey there. How are you all?
mole73132456: @amount163321 A critical analysis of the social advocacy movement in counseling.
croydon49950: Hey buddy! How are things in Dumfriesshire? #dumfriesshire
admit9774093: Now then. What’s shaking?
com999279907: G’day mate! How's tricks in Dumfriesshire today? #dumfriesshire
johnston8144: We at once want to understand our origins and connections to these people.
household512: The first Olympics held in the U.S. were in this Midwest city in 1904 #quickquiz
caribbean907: @engineering7 During my early days, one of the editors at the magazine needed help with a story. #wellnessjourney
jurisdiction: @unified68325 A blacksmith in the distant West, whose leg had been crushed by the fall of a huge beam, actually had himself carried into his shop and amputated his... #mindfulliving
societies483: Hey! How’s things in Lincoln? #lincoln
arizona53841: The name of this forecast prepared by an astrologer is from the Greek for hour watcher #quickquiz
gratuit24828: @franklin2544 The project follows those five ways to mental well-being: connect with others, be active, keep learning, give to others and be mindful. #healing
sci402411920: @valves579263 How can we extract ourselves from failing relationships without causing ourselves or others inexorable harm?
forward37734: @dod566406861 I love this, because if you do this every day, you're getting at least thirty minutes of solitude each week.
pci628509143: @silicon85699 The nonconscious mind is awake and working 24/7 and is huge and infinite. #nourishyourself
sunglasses25: @sword3349375 Notice the objects around you. #reddit
athletics170: Ahoy soc.ial mates! How's tricks in Lincoln today? #lincoln
now588723823: @firm32429276 During the times when his mother was psychiatrically well enough to care for her apartment, it was described as fairly neat. On other occasions, duri...
turning15561: This ghost wears a long chain made of cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses wrought in steel #quickquiz
johnson74028: Ahoy! What's going on in Surrey? #surrey
ipaq82417029: @tired4333323 I wanted out, and my mom listened.
threaded2548: The most common type of this in the U.S. is the calabrese, whose green stalks are topped by green florets #quickquiz
family363674: This father of a Three's Company star is one of the country legends depicted in wax at the Music Valley Wax Museum #quickquiz
morundah8934: @stickers1984 You may find you'll get some of your best ideas by doing so.
kinda1677316: @hermitage648 Just being, pure being.
end689110677: If we try to mix rest and work, we do neither well.
summaries834: Some people get big just by walking by the barbells.
roses4538196: @ai4847104265 At that time, 2,600 years ago, humans were dependent on nature and attuned themselves to the rhythms of the natural world. #wellness
doubt8624292: @cut201929452 This was a religious festival that took place every year and lasted for nine days during the summer.

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