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argue2050551: @memo27807185 You just have to make an effort to do them, and through your effort they'll get easier to do every day!
polish568424: Ciao! Nice to see you all.
sources73609: Research has shown that people who take many courses of antibiotics over time are typically sicker, have immune systems that can no longer distinguis...
yallah574244: @bonalumi2864 The process of learning about race feels for many very much like a death.
guides357122: @difference74 A craft offers achievement and it offers an opportunity for the display of talent. #diva
labs57672099: Do you struggle most with fatigue in the days leading up to your period and/or have a hard time sitting in a chair the first day?
sophia134275: Powerful family leader Carlo Gambino was born on this island in 1902 & died on Long Island in 1976 #quickquiz
mix731411279: @oakey5628863 You might feel very restless, anxious, or even depressed if this is the case.
verification: @gossip183815 I had wondered if this might happen.
proven417415: @boone5826478 Even the most ambitious people can lose their zest when stress overwhelms them.
portage57259: @peripherals8 But what did surprise me was the depth of it, which was more profound than my medical training had ever prepared me for. #healthyliving
jezek9499946: It is an overwhelming need to be validated by others and by ourselves.
query5839066: @begins113974 The cool beauty of the mountainside forest contrasted with the crowded hot ashram I had just left.
materials824: @meray1821604 Ask people for things that you know will get rejected. #psyche
affiliate344: @enterprises4 How much pain am I willing to live with for the rest of my life? #meditation
hello5081280: @calif2671856 Think about all the times you did do things right.
upgrades4652: @walter655079 Living in line with your values can bolster this sense of significance.
phenomenon61: @examples3527 The mind can create real, measurable changes in the body—and the placebo effect is mainstream science’s recognition of this fact. #university
petersburg75: Hiya! How you doing?
switch702919: They're not sure what to do because they've never done it before.
i28119498150: @retailers789 If we want to attack this at its roots, parents everywhere must be sure we are teaching all of our kids not to interrupt at the same rate.
publishers49: @boys57847294 They never stop growing and becoming better.
ny5645106120: @meanwhile265 If you want to lose ten pounds, you have to be patient with the process and have control over your eating habits. #facebook
liz294950054: @hobart720059 After he was pulled over for a broken taillight, a passerby filmed him running away from police officer Michael Slager, who shot several times from b...
weigner58813: @recently6067 Deep down, we all have the same type of needs.
michigan4459: It's easy to blame everything on your endo, which means you could overlook something else at play.
designs52440: In the '80s aerobics shoes were a big item from the company called L.A. this #quickquiz
journal33438: Aloha. Are you all OK?
recruiting71: @internship44 My grandfather had issues and so did my uncles.
prospects991: @wednesday873 Is the motivation his wife's alone?
harvest15781: Fires are good at this.
unlock291166: @gene35968687 Einstein has flowered as an absolutely beautiful intelligence—that is the flower that he has to offer to existence. #girl
mediamoksh68: @ripponlea616 It was all I could do to hold myself back from giving her a standing ovation. #wellbeing
january93740: @neither56113 Even if contraband was being brought in, which it often was, I'd always be in such a broken place by the time I d enter a rehab that the last thing I... #justbreathe
oh3820720980: @acknowledge3 When these localized areas are especially prominent, the condition is sometimes referred to as bullous emphysema.
mailing76389: Hey man! How’s life?
prediction83: From Desire to Love Whenever you feel sexual desire arising, there are three possibilities.
plastics8114: It's an annual publication documenting the preceding months at a high school #quickquiz
portraits421: Hey there. What's happening?
chinese28372: @marla7694045 Next, he may rationalize and explain why his behavior has a reasonable motive behind it. #mindbodysoul
wang26309055: @numerical228 We've reached a tipping point of awakening.
kenfield9173: @sites9243598 Yоu hаvе рrоbаblу wіtnеѕѕеd this уоurѕеlf аt some ѕtаgе. #love
wires4476227: Because he had majored in finance and his father worked for a large bank, he went to work for a big financial firm, thus following other people's val...
moon26597911: Joe knows how to assemble 2 words into this 1-word toilet part by combining comedienne Lucille & a male chicken #quickquiz
authorizatio: @amelia875242 Your stress management plan should include practical solutions for how you can explore, understand, and soothe the emotions that cause you stress. #higherself
townsville89: Don't focus on the position.
ever28373042: @fusion740015 But at the end of the day these are businesses trying to make a buck, and it's important to keep that in mind. #facebook
desirable215: @scenes605274 There are 3 ѕіmрlе thіngѕ уоu can do tо calm уоur mіnd. #covid
gratis873960: @r50424504442 Attributional style
gba828841008: A result of pregnancy on the tummy that can be covered by clothing from a British department store #quickquiz
warra3764379: @regulated793 I understand that, like exercise, there is so much advice out there on what to eat and what not to eat that it can be incredibly confusing. #lifestyle
salon7772650: I ended up not being able to go out during the day.
extend743204: Sup? How’s everyone doing?
amounts19662: She was born in 1912; her real first name was Thelma #quickquiz
observer4727: @range9558588 For example, some people simply sap all your energy, frustrate you, ask too much of you, or make you feel their negativity. #youareamazing
essence60718: This is when Samantha began doing shadow work.
governing750: @lanena710113 A little more heart is needed in everything. #positivevibes
parliamentar: @rock39471728 I had no idea why I was feeling different, but I welcomed the change.
pieces401813: Ahoy! Doing OK?
mtv301894028: @fires5400317 I know you can do that.
cherry706632: Hi everyone. How's tricks in Helensburgh today? #helensburgh
applied33484: @dropped88774 Easy on paper, difficult in practice.
beautiful547: A great way to see Baltimore is from the top of its World Trade Center, designed by this Chinese-American architect #quickquiz
sbjct1509534: @carpenter173 So long as we know that proto-truths are always replaceable by better ones, fallibility does not matter. #howto
ya9829773531: @ge9225622538 What do you wish would happen next?
hyundai11555: @massachusett We chose our parents, lessons and so on. #spirit
bitch5482583: @scenarios989 I knew someone who took her daughter to a toy drive that had been set up to provide holiday presents to a local foster home. #energyhealing
consciousnes: @gardens77358 Try to remember, if you have a tendency to worry and ruminate, that arguing is normal.
dead90278980: Hiya. How’s life in Ayrshire? #ayrshire
dies34569042: @hardware5013 Or if you have seen someone give an impressive speech, imagine yourself giving a talk using the same approach as this speaker.Visualize a New Method ...
hook52070658: On May 22, 1964 this president told America, The great society rests on abundance and liberty for all #quickquiz
genealogy805: One concept the team developed was to include bunk beds for passengers to sleep in.
faced9423614: Antagonistic, or an inexpensive lodging place for young people abroad #quickquiz
ruthers57613: @b23750174679 Learning to feel feelings.
computation4: @limiting9697 I can’t seem to bring these things together. #healthylifestyle
salamander30: Marry in haste and do this at leisure #quickquiz
attract88269: @weeks2739397 He can improve this world through the processes of change and adjustment.
aveline60380: Hiya. Anyone from Cumbria on #cumbria
removing1826: @uganda457781 It mау bе thаt уоu аrе nоt еѕtаblіѕhіng rарроrt еffесtіvеlу. #selfhelp
arcade150995: Hello. Anyone from Clwyd on #clwyd
great3525887: @tipsy5843015 If a pneumonia patient, especially beyond middle life, early in the case expresses the thought that perhaps this may be the end and clings at all ins...
hughes527420: @creatures472 As you try this exercise, notice if there is a particular part of the body that really benefits.
minnenooka96: Hey y’all! What’s shaking in Tidworth? Anyone from there? #tidworth
tb8532581764: @falls1706458 What thoughts am I having? #art
botanist9027: @station52895 The training is intensive, and within two weeks most coaches are starting with closely supervised cases.
twelve580774: @whilst173904 Those who can sit in silence with their fellow man. #happy
really855619: Hey man! What's going on in Essex? #essex
du7522340705: Aloha. How’s your day?
approved1044: Aloha. What's going on?
partners2838: @howard140486 It illustrates when you should play high, how to do it, and what happens when you adopt Gruenfeld's strategies, wielding those skills like Wonder Wom...
too743681446: @juvenile3537 It can feel impossible.
benambra2729: @urls68627716 It may be, and probably often is, entirely back of that. #energy
previews7722: @closed574629 We talked in depth about my Marilyn act. #wellness
tarrant30218: @grows4034297 It might have absolutely nothing to do with external circumstances. #wisdom
virtue709942: @plus90600307 So, the first step to raising each other up is to shift the way we approach right and wrong.
puzzle748407: Haddonfield, in this Eastern state, was the site of the first nearly complete dinosaur find--a Hadrosaurus #quickquiz
hydraulic574: @observations A lot of times the negative ways we interact with people are just bad habits. #transformation
press6487226: @schmoyer7251 I thought, How can you not see that this is not the right time to talk? Insanity, insanity.
developed510: @albrough3189 What about when you're hypoaroused, or in freeze mode?
craig2191795: The colonists' response to this act that went into effect Nov. 1, 1765: No taxation without representation #quickquiz

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