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abu752762090: Venice, especially the island of Murano, is famous for its beads made out of this #quickquiz
promote52210: Hey dude! How’s life in Aldeburgh? #aldeburgh
hot265826774: @knowledge377 Thеу ѕееm to have an іnnаtе gift оf undеrѕtаndіng оthеrѕ nееdѕ аnd wаntѕ and fіndіng a way of dеlіvеrіng that within in th... #healingjourney
fire39030345: What’s up buttercup? How's tricks in West Yorkshire today? #westyorkshire
jokes1702392: @neighborhood Coping skills are necessary to deal with stressful or unpredictable times.
fears5514789: @banned326183 But while death is unavoidable, it comes in many forms that change its meaning and impact.
cn9659462339: @elsewhere140 To become a champion you'll have to rearrange your priorities. #holisticliving
enquiry23171: Smashing windows is technically called tactical this, from the Latin for wind #quickquiz
insulin97930: @conflicts103 Fоr уоu to gаіn реrѕuаѕіvе аbіlіtіеѕ ѕоmеtіmеѕ уоu wіll hаvе to fаіl аnd bе alright with thаt. #wild
happened2933: Ciao! How’s life in West Yorkshire? #westyorkshire
los978642748: @palm74511217 Occasionally it hits you in the face that you can't control your thoughts.
nr6726298040: @logitech2604 Some stepparents, male or female, make it difficult for the biological parent to maintain a healthy relationship with the kids.
handbags5853: @podcast76970 Everything happening in our world right now is all a bit too much for me.
feldner74620: @prisoners256 We are only done designing our lives when we die.
pal670631735: Hey dude! What's up in Aldeburgh? #aldeburgh
volunteers47: @wolf79525785 In this moment, I am fear.
osmer1549438: Hey! Doing OK?
manner741882: @passengers38 He looked so pleased that she wanted to do more. #coordination
hybrid926089: @kids39818539 You now can see the forest for the trees.
workout53244: @druck8471223 Show thе other nеgоtіаtоr hоw уоu саn achieve whаt you соnѕіdеr valuable іn what іt lооkѕ lіkе tо gіvе уоurѕеlf аn аd... #raiseyourvibrations
band78512090: @xnxx56894379 Your old brain functions in scarcity mode; it’s always worried about starvation. #bhfyp
reduction384: @avoiding4628 Expanding your horizon means acting on your fears instead of avoiding them. #transformation
vista2699038: @portable4964 Sometimes during a fight or when we feel another person pulling away, we might feel anxiety, fear, rejection, or abandonment, all of which compound t...
admission833: @namespace817 The man has to drop his reasoning; the woman has to drop her feeling. #holisticliving
llp928256920: @crusader5164 You take responsibility for setting your own objectives, and you pursue them rather than postpone and procrastinate. #healing
thy844805348: @refresh95702 This forces us to get a grip so we can rejoin a moment or a conversation. #balance
charlotte448: @beermullah39 To keep his job, Randall had to learn a new language, develop an array of new skills, and direct a core of complete strangers. All of this, of course...
ment31194827: @pal670631735 In many instances, I was equally, if not more, selfish, and I actually lied and cheated just as much as they did.
operate58707: @itself350043 Some folks would rather keep their truth inside because they believe it could make things worse if ther recommend this as a consistent habit or appro...
valid6305942: Among the 6 children of this colonist were Mary, Freeborn, Mercy & Providence #quickquiz
beliefs15858: @kealy9052829 They remind and inspire each other to continue to strive for their goals and to be as great as they can be. #development
cab265258776: @permitted684 Instead of judging yourself for not being resilient enough, be patient and kind.
disable53768: @recreation13 How were you dealing with your tension?
jacksonville: @pants7901099 There is something that is going to happen next. #financial
technologies: As we have seen previously, music has been used for centuries to positively influence people by improving their emotional state, health, and awarenes...
sunset809403: @comment20494 You can also add a meditation routine to your thinker moments if you want, or take a couple minutes three to five times during the day to play and la... #mindbodyspirit
chapter88870: @rocket563591 This is a deeply relaxing practice that you're invited to do for forty days to receive the healing medicine of your sankalpa. #wellpreneur
mobiles99212: Hello. How you doing?
counseling12: Hi. How’s life in Clynderwen? #clynderwen
failures7216: It's someone who helps carry the coffin at a funeral #quickquiz
arrangement2: @roles4114725 Interceptive exposure is yet another form of exposure therapy that is mostly meant for those who suffer from anxiety disorders, panic disorder, and p... #loveyourself
taught921768: @drill2039194 Counselors are in a position to form alliances with police departments, behavioral health units, medical professionals, and other service providers. #health
portland1608: Hey dude! How’s life in Clynderwen? #clynderwen
arranged5440: @friendship87 Do you often find yourself distracted and/or disconnected from yourself and others and/or from the present moment itself, maybe lost in thought about...
obvious39439: Most important, the interrelationship of body and mind will become apparent to you.
correction76: @yo4998247299 He's going to have his comeuppance. #holisticwellness
pd1787586234: Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mum and your partner says the home/child care is your responsibility while the breadwinning is his/hers.
treated60218: @organ5350483 Identify what type of negative thoughts you'd like to change.
cats53582230: @credits48186 I don't think I could take another dismissal from a job.
newfoundland: @highlights20 Most mental health professionals find themselves working with people who appear to be hapless, captive passengers in their own untamed minds, with no... #together
latino147934: A special Larry King tonight this wubbulous children's author & his thoughts on Rosie starring in his big Broadway show #quickquiz
neither56113: @abstract8304 Kowalski's altruism appeared to be as chronic as Heep's passive aggression.
physically72: Ludwig van Beethoven's denial was very different from that of Billy James Hargis.
mature452790: The self must not get in the way with ambition, pride or disappointment.
fell67531824: @minimum66171 Trigger: Frustration with not wanting to stop doing something to get the right tool for the job
radel9581701: @holding68588 We learn to hold on.
visit6234631: Sup? Long time no see.
millions3613: Hi there. Good to see you all.
guild8030900: @peter7513279 To live an integrity-guided life, you must claim that everything you need is inside you.
officials535: @aids24912359 In the previous weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I had almost forgotten how much I love the taste of wine, even more so than the loss of dancefloor...
path52125032: This French physicist wasn't the pits with his 1851 pendulum that demonstrated the Earth's rotation #quickquiz
basement1113: @widely359392 One of the unexpected benefits is that because I can work from home when I am not traveling, and Joe is now retired, we spend more time together than...
tutorial2230: Bovine #quickquiz
markoff99718: @owner5182040 You will learn that no matter how hard you try, chances are 95% of the diets will fail you.
shuttle93290: @hobart720059 Judy was able to walk away from her marriage and her business and allow herself the love, protection, and attention she had been longing for from oth... #howto
convergence2: Spiro Agnew #quickquiz
successfully: Hi there. Anyone from Anstruther on #anstruther
massive52710: Hey bro! Nice to see you all.
decade371949: @iron92177936 What Is Purpose, Anyway?
goto63519141: @kw5487702224 Look at a child sleeping: the belly goes up and down, never the chest. #fitness
humor9048813: @heninger4579 I feel disappointed when I miss a day at the gym. #balance
stud89789827: I am excited to allow myself to explore classes and things that interest me, and I know that in time I'll have a clearer idea of what I want to do.
reception443: @rehabilitati To gain even more perspective, we should ask ourselves not only what love means to us, but also what we want it to mean. #yoga
hon641793387: They are damaged, and their response to that damage is to hurt others.
parker140344: @numeric49907 Knowing that my soul drew it in for a reason, what was I meant to be learning? #youareamazing
min377487008: Of 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months, time it took for the first million guests to visit Disneyland #quickquiz
parallel2610: Whazzup? You alright?
elizabeth829: @andreas66591 Being honest with yourself is the first step toward claiming your power. #wellpreneur
arabia782872: @handling5654 For some bizarre reason, I had the thought, What if I were attracted to my brother? #open
attend483428: @rfc166779245 My dad really didn't like it when I cried, and I'm pretty sure he didn't like Max that much. She shrugged matter-of-factly. #raiseyourvibration
lying8907062: @reminder6112 However, the person who has an excessive need to feel unique and special expects everyone to make them feel that way all of the time. #connection
consultancy9: @concerning32 We talked and cried over lunch as she related her harrowing tale of Mike falling sick and his subsequent rapid demise. #loveyourself
arlington427: That's a great habit to form!
referrals398: Hi. What's happening in Ayrshire on this fine day? #ayrshire
digit3047691: If you're looking for some peace and quiet, there are some ways to get it.
brief3539509: Howdy! What's new?
fleet5134436: @mocospace436 Once you have noticed the cues that are triggering your chosen bad habit, you can begin trying to throw it off. #wellpreneur
page90653581: What if the world rejects you?
mac279856017: @obligation32 Yes, I have thought so for some time. Keep yourself out of it, except in so far as you can give aid which is really wanted, and accepted and used. #university
republican39: Sup? Are you all OK?
worldwide378: Also, try to think about places that make you feel down.
get306056301: @said88744949 On one occasion, he feigned friendship and invited me to the local disused shack on the promise of seeing a ‘skin mag'.
timer2157156: @interim88187 Compounding her struggle was a deep-seated sense of shame that she was in this predicament, as her parents had made a difficult decision to leave ext... #art
frames674635: Hey y’all! What's happening?
tasmania8130: @milwaukee973 For instance, singles' Web sites certainly don't tell you how the person behaves under stress. #spiritual
intake690025: Ciao! How are things in St. Columb? #st.columb
listings8723: A few years into working with Debbie, I had become an Integrative Life Coach and was doing an in-person workshop.
able11129794: @none78155227 We will continue as a culture to prepare for the next step forward. #reddit
harbor696212: Hey! Anyone else here from Gwynedd? #gwynedd
jimmy9332143: @sacramento62 As Dondi makes clear, the element of Water corresponds with the season of winter, Wood with spring, Fire with summer, Earth with the time of the sols... #wellness

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