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jr5758718934: On their first date, Twain took his future wife to a reading given by this English author in 1867 #quickquiz
august149472: One of People's 50 Most Beautiful was this 1948 & 1978 Tony Award winner #quickquiz
cleared81540: @nuts91875673 It's our secret, unrecognized epidemic.
system478618: @canning27072 Evil Thoughts and Feelings #university
toddler42296: Even if you don’t have these characteristics now, if you think you have them, you’ll develop them and your self-esteem will soar.
posts3152154: @edwards20706 Family members and friends, who would greet Joe in a very upbeat way, smiling, patting him on the back, and telling him how great he looked, would th... #spiritual
affiliation4: During a rough incident in Milan, Katie Couric said, some days you're this bird, some days you're the statue #quickquiz
consequently: @puppy5774485 Let me introduce you to the embarrassing dad skateboard … #organiclifestyle
dark81783280: @hayduk507989 But do those hats really replace Aunt Bessie, and would giving them away dishonor Chelsea's memory of her relative? #consciousness
francis62473: Hello. How’s things in Ayrshire? #ayrshire
satisfy73233: @meat24335858 You're filled with bliss the moment you procure the car.
acid70952937: What’s up buttercup? How’s things in Ayrshire? #ayrshire
commissioner: Hey dude! What’s shaking?
miccio506382: @mission62253 I'm so tired of you withdrawing and not working this out with me just because of your money issueng impact is what some consider an I feel statement. #mind
layer6571462: This novel won 1939's Pulitzer Prize for Fiction #quickquiz
trails590451: @mel760438718 After each confrontation, I backed off and went along with the plan. #positivevibes
murphy455137: Hiya. Alright mates?
sparc6793710: Hey there. How’s life?
them12066703: Hey bro! How are you all?
body64344968: @ms5501730484 But the more work I do on clients, and the more work I do on myself, I see how so many issues are linked to our emotions.
valley632330: Once TV's Bionic Woman, she co-wrote a cookbook for vegans called The High Road to Health #quickquiz
buildings472: Now then. What's new?
greatest3201: @storm3059815 There's no way around this, so please let go of the fantasy that you can be like the famous spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and never get triggered. ... #holistichealing
age491137959: @r50424504442 This extra step of categorizing our thoughts rather than reacting to them helps to strengthen our metacognition skills.
shipments791: @dougherty161 There is no harm in fighting if both you and the person you are fighting enjoy that activity, but to do so to avenge your dignity is a contradiction....
lolley383874: @national8882 When beginning any creative process, think big.
fine37393982: Providing most of government revenues, it's the tax on individual & business earnings #quickquiz
taxation4344: Wazzup? What's new?
therapeutic1: @voting417761 Nature itself has given me tear glands.
manufacturer: @louise381086 Your why statement is the root of why you do what you do. #beautiful
adjacent9379: @advocacy3946 Fair.
dat568847103: I despised myself for having let myself get into this situation, yet I found it difficult to explain it to anyone else.
percent11625: @vock78655653 When do your answers come quickly? #discussion
platform6550: @collaborativ You know you're not perfect, right? #wild
enjoyed77563: How do you do? Doing OK?
eden96738221: @clunes747819 Of course, the first thing my mind went to was gears because it was a perfect analogy for their experience.
pdas29055494: @diane2680087 You begin to feel a bit disheartened and don't want to think about the prospect of transferring, especially now that you finally feel a bit more at h... #transformation
plots8984659: @divided68106 Link the corresponding schemas to these feelings, as well as to your reactions.
pearl7150136: @options25968 My relationship with her forced me to define for myself what I wanted love to be. #university
need85402994: And they can also internalize the dominant social attitudes toward people with mental illness, so-called self-stigma.
walyormourin: @renaissance3 This is how we test that the machine is working.
rn9916260548: A current senator from Hawaii: Ken #quickquiz
houben390891: Hello. What’s shaking in Kingsbridge? Anyone from there? #kingsbridge
pray20885037: @clients48343 It was the Fourth of July, and I had tagged along with a group of friends for a long weekend at Charlie's family home in Rhode Island. #youareamazing
photographs7: @syracuse2504 Between your ribs and your belly button is a good place to start.
queenberry34: @arise2759320 You mindless eating monster. #liveinspired
precisely543: Fortunately for them, Zoe's recovery program emphasized forgiveness and her taking responsibility for her own behavior.
region327377: @goodness4960 Things aren't always what they seem. #wellpreneur
logic6376490: @settled14204 I just noticed the fact that these things were occurring to me and I let them accrue into the broader picture that my observations were painting. #mindboggling
requests4379: Ahoy! How are you doing?
optimization: This author of The Brothers Karamazov never finished his novel Netochka Nezvanova #quickquiz
lover9575968: @amelia875242 Slowly things started turning around.
modify745156: Hey bro! How’s things in Larbert? #larbert
blake4814853: @pix741176700 Buddhist psychology considers all depressive/anxious symptoms varied flavors of aversion (dosa) to what is and craving (tanhā) for what isn't.
levy42360298: Most of the listening we do regularly is listening to other people.
internationa: @sd5957407659 Hурnоѕіѕ, аѕ uѕеd іn hурnоthеrару, саn аlѕо hаvе several еffесtѕ, thе most оbvіоuѕ оf which іѕ thаt ѕurgіса...
commodities8: Ciao! What's going on in Surrey? #surrey
subsequently: @en3843818557 It is only the struggle against them that is problematic Personal Loss, Failure, or Mistake There are a number of unwanted intrusive thoughts that ce... #meditation
reality98965: @budapest9176 For instance, diabetic women have higher rates of death compared to diabetic men.19 Even though some of these differences can be explained by the fac... #healthylifestyle
beastality68: The unrepentant sinner walks abroad.
additionally: How do you do? What's up in Larbert? #larbert
purse1515900: G’day mate! Doing OK?
greg40820785: As Jim West & Artemus Gordon, these 2 actors rode into the Wild Wild West in 1999 #quickquiz
auckland3668: There are a number of tasks in which counselors must engage as they seek to maintain wellness within their work.
procedures76: Wazzup? I'm from Surrey. Anyone else from this neck of the woods? #surrey
sm9160666719: @uruguay55205 Make sure you understand what you've written. #healthandwellness
scheme900183: Ciao! Good to see you all.
naturally547: Sup? What’s shaking?
phrases77561: Hey there. Good to see you all.
dentists4996: @happen993675 People have dogs. #body
wherever8883: @bloomberg487 You are not condoning the behavior at this juncture but simply understanding the amount of deep suffering a person has to experience to behave so badl... #spirit
andy18611482: Whazzup? Anyone else here from Pocklington? #pocklington
cb5548231450: Wazzup? Doing OK?
wright803506: @forced977118 You're floating over today, and as you look out before you, you will be traveling into the past of your ancestors on the line of the family your moth...
arundel96921: What’s up buttercup? You alright?
eat496987536: Kali is the force that dissolves your masks and false ideas and shows you what you are at the very core.
dealer941895: In 1950 Mayo doctors Edward Kendall & Philip Hench won the Nobel Prize for their work with this steroid #quickquiz
spoken326387: Ciao! Anyone from Pocklington on this social network? #pocklington
brown1478445: Wazzup? What's the craic?
beaches68512: @mercy8804917 You are bridged with existence, not broken apart; you are together. #selflove
shine9618237: @adopt2790864 Nicole Kahn helped us put together the Creative Confidence to Go activities. #holistichealth
validation62: @cellular3164 If they demur, you can spend the session doing what they want. #holistic
dive17783143: @lenswood7960 Think about the many things you might have done half-heartedly and grudgingly. #holisticwellness
subdivision9: @hard11813072 And, as in any negotiation, an agreement at the end isn't guaranteed. #motivation
wild90527762: @mason2123360 Studies have shown listening to nature sounds can even reduce pain. #raiseyourvibrations
auction64828: @gabriel24369 They imagined that one minute I was play-wrestling with Tom Cruise at the catering truck, the next crouched over a monitor with Spielberg, saying thi...
bronze159674: @websites5301 Wake up to what had happened to me, wake up to all of the drugs I took to hide the pain, wake up to all of the people I pushed away who wanted to hel... #financial
into28822028: Howdy! Doing OK?
emerging2970: @her879889112 As we predicted, it was much harder to recognize positive information that contradicts your idea. #balance
participated: @attitude2645 Why not be one of them?
dc3330127240: G’day mate! How’s life in Pocklington? #pocklington
techniques77: Kings play chess on finely grained sand is a mnemonic device used to help remember a system devised by this scientist #quickquiz
secure355610: @shadow422988 But will we take this opportunity? #healthy
locale975250: @drink5031053 It's a further exercise of our discipline that can have a positive effect on us, on those around us, and on our relationships with those people. #raiseyourvibrations
voyuer950559: @remote543130 Thеn, it bесоmеѕ essential tо lеаrn tо control thе mіnd.
clunes747819: @do7632397510 We trick ourselves into believing that the more we think through a situation, the better the outcome will be. #mindful
sympathy3532: George Eliot's first full-length novel told the tale of this carpenter #quickquiz
dude80318680: @si4581505425 Do you feel accomplished and okay in your current situation? #healthylifestyle
classes42411: It all ended on May 23, 1934 for these two seen here #quickquiz
libraries548: @golden834003 If thе stated bеhаvіоr іѕ аgrееd uроn bеfоrеhаnd, fоr example bеtwееn a therapist аnd client thеn you hаvе hypnotherapy.

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